Sunday, November 30, 2008

Comment on To Buy or Not To Buy Rental Car Insurance by Victoria ...

My auto insurance will cover MOST of my exposure when renting a car, but I have not found any insurance that will cover “Loss of Use”, which means that if the car is involved in an accident and it takes several days or weeks to repair ...

Insurance Lawsuit Looms Over Fatal Transplant Delay

One day after a 17-year-old leukemia patient died from liver failure after her insurance company refused to pay for a transplant, KFWB's Pete Demetriou says a high-powered civil attorney is planning a lawsuit against CIGNA healthcare on ...

Sales Coaching to Increase Insurance Sales

The insurance industry is no different than any other industry when it comes to the fact that the hardest sale to make is the first sale.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I hate insurance companies.

That’s my mantra today, and whenever I have to deal with GHI.

Auto Insurance

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Republicans take out an insurance policy in Congressional race

This can't bring joy to David Cappiello's eyes. Republican Tony Nania is considering a run for Congress in the 5th Congressional District.

Home Insurance Quotes

Home Insurance. You really should consider getting your home contents insured. If you were burgled, think how much it would cost to replace all those items.